Local 46 WHMIS Training

This WHMIS Training is Free for Local 46 members!


  1. DO NOT provide your credit card or financial information
  2. Turn up your speaker volume or make sure your phone/table is not in silent mode
  3. You MUST enter your full name and membership card number when you begin the WHMIS quiz
  4. Upon completion of the quiz, you MUST email a copy of the certificate by taking a screenshot or saving it BEFORE you exit the quiz. Print a copy of you have a printer.
  5. Please Email a copy of the certificate to jtacoffice@ualocal46.org
  6. If you don’t email the WHMIS training certificate, you will have to redo the training

Important: The program DOES Not keep records of your test or email. If you fail to email your certificate to the JTAC office, you will have to redo the quiz again.

Click here for free Local 46 WHMIS training.