Compensation Because of COVID Exposure at Work?

If you were exposed to COVID-19 at work, became sick and you missed work you may be eligible for compensation from a worker’s compensation organization such as the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) in Ontario or WorkSafeBC in British Columbia.

COVID-19 falls within the definition of an occupational disease. Therefore, if you contract COVID-19 at work and are sick, you could be entitled to compensation.

Keep track of all the information you can, such who you may have caught it from and where and when. The more solid evidence you have the better. Document the days of pay you lost and any medical expenses.

A compensation claim should be filed as soon as possible. Visit the worker’s compensation organization for your province and fill out a Form 6 and request that your doctor complete a Form 8 with the COVID-19 diagnosis and submit it.

Check out the Ontario WSIB frequently asked questions page here.

For more information on eligibility see here.

See a list and the contact information for all the compensation boards in Canada here.

Ammonia Common But Deadly If Equipment Not Maintained

One person was killed and several injured at an ice making facility in 2022.

Three arena workers died in Fernie, B.C., in 2018 due to the failure of aging equipment and poor operational and management decisions.

Ammonia is used in may large refrigeration systems such as ice rinks and ice plants. Recent events outline how dangerous it can be if the proper safeguards are not in place and/or adequate maintenance is not performed on this equipment.

Ammonia is an extremely flammable gas, is often used under pressure and may explode if heated.  Ammonia is toxic if inhaled, it is corrosive to the respiratory tract and causes severe skin burns and eye damage.

Flammable WHMIS symbol, flame.
Ammonia is an extremely flammable gas.
Ammonia is often used under pressure.
Ammonia is toxic if inhaled.
It is corrosive to the respiratory tract and causes severe skin burns and eye damage.