Are Your Shoes Giving You Cancer?

Cancer-causing chemicals were found in the upper material of some Clark Shoes.

Clark shoes recall Breeze Ave, Breeze Shore and Breeze Step women’s shoes in navy. These shoes were made in China.

Prolonged and direct contact with the shoes’ upper material can expose the wearer to the chemicals benzidine and dimethoxybenzidine, which are toxic and can cause adverse health effects.

How many people complained before the shoes were recalled? It makes you wonder how many other products we use daily contain toxic chemicals.

Benzidine is used to produce dyes for cloth, paper, and leather. It is no longer produced or used commercially in the U.S. or Canada. Benzidine can be readily absorbed through intact human skin. Benzidine has been shown to cause cancer in occupationally exposed workers and experimental animals. It is therefore considered a substance for which there is believed to be some chance of adverse effects at any level of exposure.
Consumers should immediately stop wearing the shoes and visit https// for instructions on receiving a full refund.

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